The Driver: Australia and New Zealand on the back of a truck


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The Driver by Alice Mabin documents the reality of the daily grind for 110 different trucking companies and drivers with stunning images featuring every state and territory in Australia and New Zealand. This is the never before-seen real life tale of the captivating lives of truck drivers. “It was important to me that the stalwart cooperation of the truckies, their families, and the trucking companies were respected and represented fully. This is why it was so vital to feature each state and territory across Australia and New Zealand,” asserted the author, Alice Mabin. “I absorbed so much on this legendary journey. I learned how to drive a road train, change tyres, fix fuel leaks, tie down freight, and to cook on the side of the road”. Al, who also has a drone license spent time with the Heart of Australia truck and documented its travels throughout outback Queensland which features in the book. 228 pages.