Shibori Teapot


Sit back and relax, and let the aroma of great tea waft around. Now that the leaves have seeped well enough, it is tie to place your hand gently on the lid and pour out the fragrant aromatic tea into your cup. Give this delightful moment every tea drinker would love to experience in your very home. Hots those tea parties with this elegant tea pot to add to you charming hospitality, the porcelain made pot has a stunning white and blue combination, a lid tipped with gold and a spout that pours spill free tea into your cup. You will find ease of holding the teapot from its curved handle and the capacity is perfect for four cups. While filled to the brim, it will hold its balance while pouring. The tea pot could be accompanied by the cups and bowls with snacks and savouries to add to the tea drinking time. The tea pot is 19 cm in width and its height is all of 12 cm making it a large enough tea pot to help you refill your cups as well. Go on and add a touch of old-world charm to your tea drinking routine and let the shibori set add a touch of modern zest to it.