Kitchen Smart All-In-One

$30.00 $60.00

Keeping with your healthy eating goals is made easier with the Davis & Waddell All in One Salad Chef. From diced carrots to sliced cucumbers to grated cheese, this salad kit will have you making fresh salads in no time. Thanks to this spinner and chopper in one, no need to settle for store-bought salads when you can effortlessly make them at home.
Key Features:
  • Salad prep set that includes a salad spinner, two dicing blades, five interchangeable slicing and grating blades, a hand guard, and a cleaner
  • Chops, grates, slices, and shreds without the need for electricity
  • Easy-to-assemble salad kit with safety lock-in system and non-slip base
  • Works on soft and hard vegetables, fruit, and cheeses
  • Perfect for preparing salads for parties in less time