Iconic Tea Towel Melt


These ice creams are serious childhood classics from the 70's, 80's and today but some are sadly no longer around as the original or gone altogether. They are still some of our all-time favorites no matter how fancy future ice cream became. Paddle Pop, Choc Wedge, Golden Gaytime and Hazelnut Roll; just to name a few of these classic Aussie Ice Creams  that are ingrained in our memories to purchase with a humble $1 back in the day. Choc Wedges make us think of times when our parents took us to the Milk Bar and said "choose only one ice cream".  Or we sometimes gravitated to a Paddle Pop  but could never decide which flavor? Do we go Calippo (always refreshing ) or mix it up with a Bubble O Bill which somehow this ice cream works with its strange combination of soft sweet ice cream and rigid to chew bubblegum nose. Regardless of which one we choose, we would spend endless summer days munching off all the ice cream then licking the stick dry. Every bite takes us  back to the days... our very first encounter with these classics.