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Dandelion Plate

The Plate Dandelions is a highly functional food serving ware as well as an immensely ornamental plate perfect for elevating the look of the dining room and wherever else food is served. This particular ceramic made beauty has its design inspired by the dandelion plant which is a remarkable. It would be suitable for use in every decorative setting due to its prudent choice of the colours black and white.

Deliberately made in a wide dimension, the Plate Dandelions is practically functional in serving quite a good number of dishes. It is made in a wide, perfectly round dimension which measures 15.5 centimetres in its width and 15.5 centimetres in length. The plate is glazed in an elegant white colour but drawing inspiration from the beautiful dandelions. It is on this white glossy surface that three portraits of dandelion plants are ornately rendered in jet black hue. Ceramic

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