CharlieMooz crochet baby booties


Our beautifully unique signature handmade soft sole baby shoes. We hand crochet each little sole, machine stitch the fully lined cotton uppers and then hand-stitch these to each sole. A whole lot of love and attention to detail goes into each and every pair! 

Our little shoes are perfectly soft but also protect without restriction, allowing for full natural movement and helping aid in development of those precious little feet. Fitted with an elastic ankle for a snug fit and to prevent those little busy feet from kicking them off like often happens with hard sole baby shoes.

Sizing Guide:

Small 0-3m 9.50cm

Medium 3-6m 10.80cm

Large 6-9m 12.00cm

*Every child develops at his/her own pace making it tough to select the right size shoes. It is always best to measure your child's foot before ordering shoes as sizes can vary from brand to brand. If you know you child's foot measurement in centimeters, then you will be able to accurately gauge what size shoe you will need to buy. Sizing based on age bracket is a best guess and sometimes your child may be below or over their age guide depending on their unique foot.