Al.ive Kitchen - Premium Kitchen Duo Dish & Bench


Enhance your kitchen routine with our Dishwashing Liquid & Bench Spray Kitchen Duo in Natural Stone, a colourway that suits any kitchen.

The hardworking Lemon & Pomegranate Dishwashing Liquid uses naturally-derived ingredients to dissolve even the toughest residues, whilst being gentle on skin. 1-2 pumps is all that is needed to clean a sink full of dishes, the premium formula working hard to remove stubborn grease and grime.

Keep your kitchen sparkling clean with our highly effective Lemon & Pomegranate Kitchen Bench Spray. Featuring natural surfactants and fruit extracts, the formula dissolves dirt and grime for easy removal. The quick-drying formula leaves no residue and is perfect for cleaning countertops, stovetops and other kitchen surfaces. Delight your senses with the uplifting scent of lemon and invigorating notes of pomegranate, turning your cleaning routine into a refreshing sensory experience.